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Why do people travel? What are the benefits of travel, why do we like to travel, what is the purpose or point of travelling and why should we all try to travel abroad or overseas? Top reasons nowadays, below.

Religeous Festival. Reason People Travel
A religeous festival in Asia. People travel to take part through faith, to be with family at significant times and we were there to be part of it and learn why people do this. It was very much worth the trip.

People travel to wonder,

at the height of the mountains,

at the huge waves of the seas,

at the long course of the rivers,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars,

and yet they pass by themselves

without wondering.

St Augustine

Why Do People Travel

we travel to spend more time together
We travel to spend more time together while learning from the world. This is a favourite city of ours, Kuching. We can tell you what Kuching is like, most can’t.

People ask this all the time. I have one very good friend who just doesn’t get it at all, that’s OK, it’s not for everyone, but I’ve been thinking about the whys. You’ll find a list of genuine reasons to travel on this page, along with a list of reasons not to travel.

Why do we travel? We have been travelling full time for the last 6 years, continuously, over 50 countries. We do it for fun, for education, and because of a thirst for knowledge and experience. But there are many other reasons why people travel. What’s yours?

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Let me tell you our story. I’m a lifelong traveller, I’ve always wanted to be on the road, exploring fascinating places and for me the most fascinating part of the world is Asia. Visiting certain places is the fulfilment of dreams and can be deeply spiritual.I have to see first-hand, always.

After having kids we realised that travel would be the single most important part of their education. We travelled with them, full-time for 6 years. In the process, I created this website, one of the biggest travel blogs in the world and our income. You can read more on our “About” page. Or you can finish reading this post on why people travel, if you like.

People travel for pleasure and need. People have to travel for work, to move location, to study or attend family. People like to travel for many kinds of pleasure. They like to see beautiful places, explore cultures and cuisines. Some like to try activities in different locations or visit family and friends. There is no short answer as to why people travel, 50 reasons why people travel below.

  • People travel to visit friends or family in other countries
  • For conventional work or employment opportunities abroad
  • For the pleasure of no work, or work on your own terms as a digital nomad
  • Travel bloggers travel for pleasure and to research future blog posts.
  • Writers and journalists travel to get ideas and information for their work.
  • People travel to escape housework by staying in hotels.
  • To avoid having to eat meals you cooked yourself. Eating out is cheaper abroad.
  • No school run
  • No same, same, every day, no monotony.
  • No car that needs repairs, no broken TV, no unnecessary possessions to worry about.
  • People travel to challenge themselves.
  • People travel to find themselves. ( I think this is true, see link)
  • Some people believe travel changes them for the better
  • Because an ever-changing environment is stimulating, refreshing and brings endless learning opportunities
  • To see beautiful places, natural or man-made.
  • Photographers travel to have amazing photographic opportunities.
  • To escape family or friends placing demands on you or your time. Or maybe just to get them in smaller doses.
  • People travel with partners or family to strengthen bonds and relationships and enjoy more quality time together.
  • People travel to make friends and find partners. Travel is a great way to find a life partner.
  • To be where nobody knows you, you have no history or reputation, good or bad
  • People travel to learn about other cultures.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime

Mark Twain

  • People travel to learn languages.
  • To escape wars, persecution, starvation and death.
  • For a better life.
  • People travel, or take their kids travelling, to better appreciate the lives and privileges they already have.
  • People travel to help others less fortunate than themselves.
  • People travel to experience new cuisines, produce and cooking techniques.
  • People travel to have freedom to be yourself.
  • To have no obligations.
  • To have no timetable or routine.
  • People travel for adventure.

One of the great things about travel is you find out how many good, kind people there are.”


  • People travel for luxury.
  • People travel for sports.
  • People travel for physical challenges.
  • People travel NOW because they might drop dead the day they retire or be too old and infirm to no longer travel or take on physical challenges.
  • People travel to be pampered or to receive physical or emotional therapy treatments.
  • People travel for medical reasons.
  • People travel because hotels, restaurannts and coffee shops are far more comfort inducing than being at home.
  • Because handing over their lives 9-5, 5 of 7, in exchange for a paycheck is soul-destroying.
  • People travel to expand their minds and challenge perspectives.
  • Because they enjoy sport and fitness.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living


  • Because their kids’ education is really important.
  • To relax, slob out or climb that mountain, when you feel like it.
  • Some people travel to escape their problems. Grass is greener syndrome.
  • People take up a long term travel lifestyle because it’s cheaper than staying home.

That’s all I can think of for now, but let’s have a look at the flip side. And yes, I’m a touch biased as I think travel is the best thing since chips.

Reasons Some People Don’t Like to Travel

flesh hooks festival Hindu piercing ritual We travel to experience other cultures
We travel to experience and learn from and about other cultures and ways of being.
  • To save money for retirement.
  • Maybe to save money for bigger homes or some other thing.
  • To be near friends and family.
  • Because they don’t enjoy it. This is a perfectly legitimate reason, it’s cool.
  • Because they want their kids in school or see paper qualifications as necessary.
  • They’d rather be home with home comforts.
  • Travel is stressful ( it’s number 41 on this list, but look how many “at home” activities are above it. Some people find it stressful, for sure, I don’t)
  • You have to spend extended periods with your partner or kids. ( Weird!)
  • It’s cheaper to stay home. (No it’s NOT!)
  • They don’t like foreign food.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.

Paulo coelho

  • They don’t like foreigners.
  • They’re scared of earthquakes, tsunamis, malaria, thieves, terrorists, mass shootings and/or sharks. ( These things happen everywhere and having anxiety isn’t nice. Been there done that, glad it’s gone)
  • They like their job more than weekends and holidays.
  • Their kids like school more than weekends and holidays.
  • Because they enjoy sport and fitness and their sport isn’t portable. My husband is an Ironman triathlete, he has trained and competed all over the world and yes, you can travel with a triathlon bike. My suggestion to you would be to not join a sports team and enjoy an exercise or sport that is just for you instead. Unless you love team sports, if you do, fair enough.
  • Because their kids’ education is really important and they think not being in school will affect that.
  • They want to be saving, paying into pension plans, and working towards retirement.

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Why do people Travel

Should We Travel?

I believe that yes, absolutely, people should travel, above all else to smash misconceptions about what the rest of the world is like. For that reason alone, I think everyone should travel and see first hand how wonderful every civilisation, religion, cuisine, and culture can be.

We have problems now with climate, disease, and fear but I think we, as a global community, can overcome them in time.

When will the world return to travel? I don’t know, it’s looking likely that 2021 will be the year for many people. Businesses internationally undoubtedly need their tourists back. As soon as we can we’ll be back out there spreading the love and giving our tourist dollar to those who need it most. We will do it as sustainably as possible.

I’ve written before about how I believe our travel lifestyle was more eco-friendly than staying at home. The longer we stay home the more convinced of that I become.

So which camp do you sit in? Are you a traveller or a non-traveller? You know, both are OK.  People are different and my jam isn’t yours. It’s cool. I’ll travel, you can stay home. There’s room for all sorts of people in the world. Sign up to follow.