Last Updated 24/01/2021

It’s great to be in Bangkok again! I fell in love with Bangkok as a solo traveller back in 1999 and now I visit with my children, they love Bangkok too. This post is about our first few days in Bangkok at the start of our nomadic family travel adventure. This was year one of a six or seven-year family gap “year.”

love bangkok

We’ve spent a lot of time in Bangkok over the years, but it’s never stopped being exciting, I get a real buzz out of just being here. As we came into town in the taxi the kids were shouting ” I know this place!” and “I remember this!“, it’s great that they’ll love revisiting a few old haunts this time, too.

I wrote about things to do in Bangkok with kids after our last trip, we spent less than a week here last time, taking off for a few days in Ayutthaya and Koh Samet, all in a short family holiday. This time it’s different, no deadlines, no list of sights to be ticked off, no rushing around.

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We Love Not Having to Rush Bangkok.

love Bangkok. Rambuttri village inn
We’re not rushing Bangkok this time.

We can stay as long as we like and come back again soon, we will be in Bangkok for at least a couple of weeks, long enough to chill and do nothing some of the time, take in a few sights at a very leisurely pace, shop for a few things and enjoy some of the best food there is.

Yes, We Had Another Hotel Drama.

Dramas are following me around the world lately.

We pre-booked ten nights in a fairly fancy hotel ( $35/night) because we saw a great special offer. When I checked in, front desk staff rudely demanded an extra $12/ night. The special we’d booked and paid for was “no possible“, end of discussion.

So that started me off on another one of my famous freak outs (see freaking out in Malaysia), I thought we’d have to check out, fight for a refund, wander the streets with heavy bags and a sick child ( Boo has tonsillitis). You know how it goes, serious Mummy stress.

After 24hrs of frantic email activity, it was sorted, the bookings wholesalers are very powerful, important people in the hospitality world. I got in touch with them via Facebook, they dealt with the hotel, I got my refund.

If anything like this ever happens to you, don’t bother arguing with the hotel, go straight to whoever you booked it with, they have the power.

Drama Sorted, Time to Enjoy.

love bangkok Rambuttri Rd.
The streets just starting to wake up, it gets crazy after dark!

We are in a great location, just off the famous Khao San Rd, for me, the thumping heart of Bangkok. I love being here in the early mornings, if streets could have hangovers, this is what it would look like. The area comes to life as the afternoon wears on, crowds gather, shops and stalls appear from nowhere, street hawkers start their patrols selling everything from tattoo sleeves to scorpions on a stick. It’s all the entertainment I need.

We are within five minutes walk of the river ferry jetty, boats take you to just about any attraction you want to visit for around a dollar.

Waiting for the river ferry in Bangkok

There is as much food and drink as you could ever need right on the doorstep, for all budgets. Beers from the shop are a dollar, from a fancy restaurant three dollars, you can buy dinner from a street stall from about eighty cents or spend big and buy something amazing.

Street food Bangkok Rambuttri Rd

Plus we have three adorable kittens right outside.

Bangkok kittens

It’s July, wet season, so skies are overcast and there are short thunder storms most days, but that’s fine, it’s cooler and we’re in no rush, we can sit out the storm and not worry about lost time.

We’re sorted, we’re happy and guess what? Dad is joining us in just a few days. Maybe there will finally be some photos of me, people are starting to wonder what I look like. Don’t expect miracles, he’s a great chef, lousy photographer.

Stick with us, lots more fun in Bangkok to come!

Update: This post is from 2013, during our first few months on the road. in 2016 we’re heading to Bangkok and Thailand again. You can find all of our Thailand content on our Thai Travel page. or check out our newer post on Things To Do in Bangkok.