Last Updated 05/01/2021

Have you ever considered taking your kids to the UK for a vacation or holiday? We think it’s a great idea, the UK has lots to offer, particularly for children. Let me do what I can to convince you and talk a bit about the UK with kids.

The UK with Kids – Great Idea!

This post is intended as a guide only. It is based on raising my kids in the UK from birth to 3 and returning often through the tween and teen years. They’re older teenagers now and the UK is one of their favourite destinations. Please be sure to double check facts as things do change.

The UK is Educational

St David's cathedral Historical sites Things to do in the UK With Kids
We have enough castles, cathedrals and palaces to keep you busy for months in the UK. This is St David’s Cathedral Henry VII’s father’s tomb is here.

The UK is rich in history and culture. This means it’s hard to go anywhere without running into something of educational interest

Please check and double-check all the information we give you locally as times, places, dates, and services do, as we found, change often. Restrictions and closures may apply. Our site is free for you to use but running costs are high and lockdowns have removed our income. You can keep our site alive by donating here

London, in particular, is abundantly provided with fantastic museums and all of the major players are free. You could probably spend your whole vacation in London and not see everything in the museums. If you pay to see the big attractions like The Tower of London, kids will soak up still more history. Maybe take a tour with your kids. Guides and commentaries add to the education and fun.

You don’t need to spend a fortune for your family to have a great time in London. See this post on London, for Kids, for Free.

In other parts of the country you’ll find castles, stately homes, prehistoric standing stones, medieval villages and still more museums.

Britain really excels at museums. Children’s audio guides are a huge hit with kids, making learning extra fun and most museums have hands-on exhibits to further encourage active exploration. In London we’d highly recommend The Science Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, British Museum and the V&A along with the smaller museums such as The Museum of Childhood.

Free Things For Kids To Do in The UK

 children rockpooling free things to do in the UK with kids british beaches
Rockpooling – a free and fun this to do in the UK at any time of year. This was a fall day on the beach in Wales.

Accommodation prices in the UK, London in particular, may look frightening, but when you think about how much free entertainment you will find here, it really isn’t so bad. You can find ideas on where to stay on this site. In London public transport is good and affordable and food costs aren’t so bad at all if you shop wisely.

Aside from free museums and historic sites, there are coastlines to explore, hills or mountains to hike and woodlands to explore. The UK is a wonderful place for kids.

The UK Has Indoor Fun For Rainy Days

Let’s face it, the British Isles aren’t famous for their consistent good weather. So, what could you do to entertain kids if you get a bad week?

My choice would be to wrap up warmly and carry on regardless. If you really have to shelter from the elements there is plenty to do for kids on rainy days. Indoor play facilities are popular with the residents and in abundant. Prices aren’t too high as these are aimed at locals, not tourists.

If you’ve had enough of museums try the big paid attractions, we have Tussauds, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and The London Dungeon in the capital, and plenty more besides.

If you’re on the coast, a walk on a blustery day can be great fun. Sheltering in the amusement arcade on the end of the pier or in a steamy-windowed cafe tucking into fish and chips. It’s is all part of the experience.

The UK With Kids Offers Outdoor Adventures

The UK has some great beaches. From the flat sandy shores of the north-west, to the Jurassic Cliffs of the south coast there is something for everyone.

The British seaside is perfect for anyone with kids.They work in winter as well as in summer so long as you bring anoraks and wellingtons. My boys will spend hours on the coast. They’ll be building sandcastles, collecting shells, exploring rock pools, paddling in the sea, visiting the arcades and tucking into ice creams in summer, chips in winter.

 If sand isn’t really your thing, then try the countryside. The UK has loads of national parks, which offer activities from family walks to mountain climbing. A pub lunch is a cosy inn with a roaring fire is a great reward at the end of a good walk, or in summer, a pint of good scrumpy in a great British beer garden.

British Food is Good and Kid Friendly

Food in the UK has come a long way. There are still the old favourites that you have to try alongside modern British cuisine. Not everyone is going to go for jellied eels and pie and liquor but who doesn’t love fish and chips, eaten in newspaper on the seafront?  A Sunday roast of beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by a hearty British desert is another must-do.

Real foodies should check out the farmer’s markets that you’ll find in every town. Our favourite in London in historic Borough Market, it’s a destination in itself.

Most chain restaurants and pubs are child-friendly, offering a children’s menu. Children are often seen eating out with their parents in the early evening or at lunchtime. We have a full post on where to eat in London for holiday makers.

British Wildlife Encounters For Kids in The UK

Child watching deer UK with kids places to see wildlife
My son, watching the deer at Richmond Park. Or is it the other way around?

The UK has some world-leading zoos and wildlife parks. Of course, there is London Zoo but ZSL also has Whipsnade and Edinburgh Zoo. The Scottish wildlife park is also superb. To see British wildlife in the wild, try Richmond Park or The New Forest for dear. You’re likely to see rabbits and hares are common in some area. We have otters, seals, dolphins, badgers, grey and red squirrels, Scottish wild cats and plenty of birds to spot too. You could go in search of red kites, eagles or puffins. If you’re in London you’re very likely to see urban red foxes.

UK with Kids- Wrap Up

This is just a taster, an overview of some of Britain’s charms. Obviously there is so much more besides. We love being in the UK. Exploring London, Wales, England and Scotland have been highlights of our travels over the last two years. You’ll find plenty more posts on this blog about all things British. What’s your favourite thing about visiting this part of the world?