Last Updated 19/07/2021

My husband is a genius. OK, sometimes he’s not, but today he is. A few months ago he had my precious Marmite confiscated by security as he boarded his Romania-bound flight in Luton, leaving me Marmite-less for another few months. That was an example of him not being a genius. Yesterday, he arrived triumphant with Marmite carried legally through airport security checks in his carry on hand luggage. Want to know how to carry Marmite on airlines? We have the Marmite ( or Vegemite if you’re a weirdo) carrying solution you need.

Everyone knows you can’t take liquids through customs. Is Marmite a liquid? Well, as a scientist I’d say no, it doesn’t change shape to fill the container it’s in unless it’s very warm, but that doesn’t matter to airport security, if they say it’s a liquid, it’s a liquid.

That goes for toothpaste too, if you were wondering. I have a lovely post on how to travel carry on only if you’d like more information on how we do that. Mostly we don’t, we like to have all the things we need, but on short trips to single climates with no gear requirements, sure, it’s fine.

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So back to the Marmite.

You are mostly allowed to take liquids onto the plane in your carry-on or hand luggage, if the volume of a single bottle or container is 100 ml or less and if those bottles or containers are all housed in a single clear plastic bag. Most decent airports give these bags out for free, the bodgy budget ones, like Luton, charge you a pound and often run out.

I’ve used supermarket bought zip lock bags and got away with it, but I don’t know if this is foolproof. Our usual solution is to grab a handful when we’re at an airport that supplies the plastic bags for free.

So how to get the thick, gloopy, almost-solid Marmite in 100 ml containers?

Easy Squeezy Marmite!

My genius husband went out and bought a large container of squeezy Marmite and painstakingly filled 4 100ml plastic bottles with our favourite yeasty spread. That’s better than any Valentine’s card.

Check your bottles are suitable for food use and BPA free if you are concerned about these things. I don’t think the ones intended for cosmetics, are

Well done Chef, I now know why I married you 😉

Chef's Marmite smuggling triumph.
Nice one Chef!

For Marmite smugglers and fans of the best British food, for Pinterest

How to pack Marmite in your carry on luggage

Over to you, tell us your confiscation stories or tips and hacks in the comments.