Last Updated 03/02/2022.

The Disney Animal Kingdom is possibly our favourite of the 4 Disney parks in Orlando Florida and was a big hit with my kids as babies, toddlers, and tweens. It’s the Disney park they’re most excited about re-visiting as teens too! A look at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with and for kids and how to maximise your family fun at this amazing Disney theme park.

disney animal kingdom park with kids

Disney Animal Kingdom

After the Disney Magic Kingdom, or maybe even before, I’d pick the Animal Kingdom to visit with kids or a toddler. Disney is ageless, these parks work for visitors of all ages so long as that person can still feel the magic and is mobile and comfortable in the parks. We’d take kids of any age to this park but there are a few special considerations if visiting with young kids or toddlers.

Let the genie out of the bottle and let the magic begin!

Rides and attractions at the Disney parks do change fairly frequently. Be certain to check if any of your must-see features are closed or have been removed to avoid disappointment.

Animal Kingdom Attractions

Disney Animal Kingdom is the most zoo-like of Disney’s parks in that it houses a wild collection of international animals. This international theming spills over into the rides, attractions, and zones within the park. At this park, you feel as though you can travel the world as you stroll between destinations such as The Himalayas, India, and Africa.

This travel and wildlife theme are, I think, what makes this park so special. It’s fun, educational, beautiful, entertaining, and just great for kids! We think it’s a winner for everyone in the family.

There are some fairly big thrill rides and rollercoasters at this park. If those are your favourite, get their early, at rope drop. You may be able to ride these big rides back to back without having to wait in line at this time. We did just that!

With Kids


Some tips for visiting Animal Kingdom park with toddlers. If you have previously been able to travel with your toddler, you’ll know that the packing list for little ones gets long, fast.

A few tips and travel essentials for happy toddlers, below.

  • Make sure you take cold drinks or at the very least a refillable water bottle.
  • Your toddler will need comfortable shoes and socks and/or a way for a parent to easily carry/push them. Be that a baby carrier, stroller, pram, or harness.
  • Allow for nap time.
  • Take a hat to keep the sun off.
  • Take a light change of clothes
  • Pack your diaper or nappy bag, or whatever is appropriate to your small children.
  • If your child uses a comforter, take it.
  • If your child has a special bear or toy, likewise, take it.
  • Pack toddler sippy cups, bottles or cutlery.
  • Take patience and a sense of humour!
  • Have a plan for young children getting lost. Consider toddler safety devices.
  • Have a plan for how you will tour the park, taking fixed show times into consideration.
  • Beat the queues in the best way for your family.
  • If mum, dad or guardian want to ride the thrill rides, and your little one doesn’t meet the height requirements, have a pre-decided plan in place for that too.We don’t want any fights please!